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Maven PHP Update

Short update, because I’m still working on it (even though I now believe I’ve taken on more than I can chew.
The maven-php-plugin builds nicely. And I’m on the documentation. However it doesn’t work yet. Which means I need to fix the tests (probably). Which means I need to upload the PHP phars somewhere. Which means…

In short: there is still so much to do. And I have no idea how much. ?


New Project and GitHub is Awesome

I don’t know if I’m taking on too much here, but I’m trying to get maven-php-plugin to work again (because I want it for my WordPress plug-in). This is the GitHub repository: maven-php-plugin

Just in a couple of days I found a lot of awesome GitHub features. Projects were one.

Tasks are another one. They are added to issues and appear on the issue overview like this:

And a third (and maybe the greatest one) is the Travis integration:

Not only does the issue show all its commits, it shows which commits broke the build (and after which the build still worked). Awesome for debugging! I love it. ❤
The last two features can be viewed on issue #5, if you are interested.