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Slothsoft Charts API

Over the holidays I had a couple of hours and started a Java project to displays charts. The end goal is to display electropherogram, but it’s going to be a long bumpy road until I get there.

I’m really proud of what I did however, so check out the GitHub Repository. Some of the awesome stuff I’m actually proud of is the JavaDoc, the Code Coverage and the Wiki.

Right now the API can display charts like these:


The One With So Much Work

I hate JavaFX now. In the past I liked it, because I liked the design and everything about it. Now with Java 11 it’s so ridiculous hard to build an application, that I’ll just stop doing it. However… I updated the JavaFX / Maven Example:

I think the only fun part here is that the branches for Java 7 and Java 8 are still present. But that’s just me.


The One With the Trashcan

Before all this started, I had an Eclipse repository with 3 (or so) plug-ins. I hated most of them. And even with that few plug-ins I learned why it’s a good idea to have one repository per plug-in: issues and commits where scrambled, and the lifecycle did not work at all.

So I cleaned it all up. Deleted all but one plug-in. Made it work even better with Tycho. And separated the update site.

Problem is: I did not get Tycho to release the plug-in, even though it should work. (-> Issue #15) On the side of the update side there are no categories anymore. (-> Issue #2) Both was deemed “good enough” for now, since even the internet can’t help my any more.

So, here it is:


The One With the Many Red Squares

So after fixing the blueprint up, I thought I’d fix one of the challenges based on that as well. Turns out the Tribes Challenge was in pretty good shape already. So that was easy:

It’s really relaxing to just watch the Romans beat the Wolves over and over, so I suggest to take a look at the challenge. A screenshot isn’t really as satisfying, but here you have it:


The One With the Red Square

So after trying a couple of things back and forth I decided that my blueprint for coding challenges should have been a Maven archetype. Which was really hard to achieve, and I had worked with archetypes in the past.

But now it’s done, I have two projects in Maven Central, which feels kinda nice.

(Also, yes that GUI is incredible ugly. But there is no supported GUI framework in Java any longer, so you can pry Swing from my cold dead hands.)


The One With the Class and the Exception

the demo in action

After not being able to deploy that other project my survival instincts kicked in and I started working on the “easy” repository.

I created a Java 7 tag of the project (even thought maybe that should be a branch), updated to Java 11 und moved the tutorial and its images to GitHub, so I can maintain both the code and the documentation at the same time.

And of course, the ReadMe is mirrored on this page.