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Example Eclipse Application

While there seem to be a couple of projects that use Eclipse as a framework to deploy applications, there are very little that use actual target platforms for some reason. Most want you to download and install a custom Eclipse just to deploy a specific snapshot of their application (example: DBeaver).

I personally want to have a nice, reproducable build that uses the same code in my IDE as while packaging JARs, so I created an example application using a target platform file: example-eclipse-application

I even managed to use plain Maven dependencies (even if they’re not OSGi bundles) in that reactor!

(This showed a couple of bugs with the Random and Charts Frameworks, but I guess that’s life. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )


The One With the Trashcan

Before all this started, I had an Eclipse repository with 3 (or so) plug-ins. I hated most of them. And even with that few plug-ins I learned why it’s a good idea to have one repository per plug-in: issues and commits where scrambled, and the lifecycle did not work at all.

So I cleaned it all up. Deleted all but one plug-in. Made it work even better with Tycho. And separated the update site.

Problem is: I did not get Tycho to release the plug-in, even though it should work. (-> Issue #15) On the side of the update side there are no categories anymore. (-> Issue #2) Both was deemed “good enough” for now, since even the internet can’t help my any more.

So, here it is: