Tribes Challenge

Tribes Challenge

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In this challenge you manage a tribe so it will grow and be able to survive the other tribes of this world.


Getting Started


You need at least Java 8 or above to run the code.

Using the Challenge

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Import into the IDE of your choice
  3. Run TribesChallenge to see the challenge in action
  4. Create your own implementation of Tribe and put it into de.slothsoft.tribes.contrib, then run TribesChallenge again to see your tribe
public class MyTribe extends AbstractTribe implements Tribe {

	public String getDisplayName() {
		return "My Tribe";

	public Color getColor() {
		return Color.YELLOW;

	public Action execute(Context context) {
		// TODO: use context to decide on an action



Java 8


There are a couple of actions tribes do during their life, which are partially returned by the method execute(Context):Action:

Action Action Source Code
Skip Round SETTLE -
Tribe Growths automatically Tile.executeRound(), constants Tribe
Movement MOVE_ Map.executeRound()
Splitting up SPLIT_UP Map.executeRound()
Attacks automatically Tile.getAttackedBy(Tile)


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the MIT license for details.