Robo Rumble Challenge

Robo Rumble Challenge

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In this challenge you give an AI to a little robot that fights for his life against other robots.


Getting Started


You need at least Java 8 or above to run the code.

Using the Challenge

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Import into the IDE of your choice
  3. Run RoboRumble to see the challenge in action
  4. Create your own implementation of Robot and put it into de.slothsoft.roborumble.contrib, then run RoboRumble again to see your robot
public class MyRobot extends AbstractRobot implements Robot {

	public String getDisplayName() {
		return "My Robot";

	public void execute(Context context) {
		// TODO: use context to do an action



Java 8


Optionally, you can override the following methods to customize your robot:

  • createStats() - returns the stats for your robot, in case you want to make it super fast or super strong or super defensive
  • createRenderer() - creates the renderer for your robot; the default implementation SpriteRobotRenderer splits an image into sprites

There are some util classes to help you implement your robot, like

  • GameUtil
    • isOnMap(Map, Point) - if the point is on the map
    • isOnWall(Map map, Point point) - if the point is on the map but blocked by a wall


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the MIT license for details.