Author: Stef Schulz


The One With the Red Square

So after trying a couple of things back and forth I decided that my blueprint for coding challenges should have been a Maven archetype. Which was really hard to achieve, and I had worked with archetypes in the past.

But now it’s done, I have two projects in Maven Central, which feels kinda nice.

(Also, yes that GUI is incredible ugly. But there is no supported GUI framework in Java any longer, so you can pry Swing from my cold dead hands.)


Maven Central

You know what this is? It’s my badge for getting my first project into Maven Central. This one, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters that it took way too much nerve to get this far. I feel like I’ve lost 20 years of my life. So I’m gonna wear my badge with pride.


The One With the Class and the Exception

the demo in action

After not being able to deploy that other project my survival instincts kicked in and I started working on the “easy” repository.

I created a Java 7 tag of the project (even thought maybe that should be a branch), updated to Java 11 und moved the tutorial and its images to GitHub, so I can maintain both the code and the documentation at the same time.

And of course, the ReadMe is mirrored on this page.


Off to A Slow Start

“Start slow”, I told myself. “First fix a small, easy repository. Maybe the one with the class and the exception?”

Ten minutes later I had started a enormous refactoring on one project that didn’t really need one. I even tackled the problem of “deploying to Maven Central”. Now I’ve finished the project and am ready to deploy… but for some reason I’m still getting exceptions. All clues point to the fact that I’m not at fault.

So with that being said, you can already take a look, it’s hosted on GitHub:

And the above repository is mirrored on this page as well, on this page.


A Fresh Start

The old was horrible outdated. So I trashed it. I’m in the process of doing a little spring cleaning and re-adding all relevant  information. If there is any. Honestly who cares how to do stuff with Java 6 any more?

I already deleted 500MB of data and half my GitHub repositories. So let’s see what survives the purge.